Many people have heard horror stories about how people were scarred for life by wearing traditional metal braces in the past. Although traditional braces have undergone amazing advances in recent years, it is hard to escape that stigma. If you are looking for an alternative treatment for straightening your teeth, you should give strong consideration to Invisalign.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a relatively new technique for straightening teeth that utilizes a set of plastic aligners to shift your teeth into their preferred positions. The aligners are made of clear plastic, making them virtually undetectable to others.

Invisalign Benefits:

  • Virtually undetectable
  • Conveniently removable
  • No restrictions on food
  • Easy to clean

Can anyone tell if I am being treated with Invisalign?

Unless you choose to tell them, probably not. Someone would have to get very close to your face to detect that anything is going on.

So there are really no food restrictions?

None whatsoever. If you need to eat or drink anything, you just remove your aligners and replace them when you are finished. Contrast this with metal braces where you cannot eat foods that are hard or sticky that could damage or stick to your appliances.

Would I make a good candidate for Invisalign?

Although a final determination will be made at your initial consultation, the likely answer is yes. If you want your teeth to be straightened in a more discrete way, Invisalign is probably for you.

What happens at my consultation?

You would be examined at your consultation, including your teeth, mouth and gums. This information can be used to give you a video preview of what your teeth and smile will look like following the completion of your treatment with Invisalign.

If you go forward with treatment, impressions will be made of your teeth to be used for the creation of your custom-made Invisalign aligners. Since your aligners are individually created just for you, they will provide an incredibly comfortable fit. The edges of the aligners are smooth and will not rub up against the soft tissues in your mouth.

What is getting treated with Invisalign like?

About every two weeks, you will be given a new set of aligners. This will ensure that your teeth are constantly being shifted into their correct positions based upon the individual treatment plan created just for you.

Do I get to decide how long to leave my aligners in place?

Ultimately, you are in charge of your treatment since Invisalign is a removable system. But if you want to stick to your treatment plan and not have it prolonged unnecessarily, it is recommended that you leave your aligners in place for at least 22 hours a day. This will give you plenty of chances to eat and brush and floss your teeth every day.